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E-Signed Copy of Register

E-Signed Copy of Register (es3 format) with digital signature, and date stamp.

By our service the company documents are accessable directly from the Hungarian Ministry of Justice's database, what provides a credible and effective (daily updated) data about all hungarian companies.


Your E-Signed copy of register  contains effective, authentic, daily updated data by the Justice Department for Administrative and Information Service of electronic signature and time stamp of authenticity to guarantee data integrity. The document signing is an advanced method, but should not be considered as a real "notarial document". Electronic documents as evidence, printed electronic signature does not retain the security. Most banks accepts this document for administration - please check each case.


This is a full automatic online service, so we deliver the documents 24/7. The documents are online, so after the successful payment it will be available for download immediately.

Content of the E-Signed Copy of Register document

The document includes the existing entries at the current date. (Deleted data is not included. For these historical data please order an Official copy of company records document!)

Opening the ES3 file format

The .es3 file formats can be opened by the free e-Szigno software. Download the latest version of E-Szigno software

E-Signed Copy of Register sample

  • Structure of the document may differ per company.

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