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Copy of Register sample

The Copy of Register is an electronic document, what is downloadable in 24/7.

By our service the company documents are accessable directly from the Hungarian Ministry of Justice's database, what provides a credible and effective (daily updated) data about all hungarian companies.


The Copy of Register contains effective, authentic, daily updated data, altrought cause of the electronic format it is not a real "notarial document". Despite this it's meets most of the usage cases. If you plan to provide this kind of document for legal process, tendering or any other official use cases, please be sure if the requier will accept it.


This is a full automatic online service, so we deliver the documents 24/7. The documents are online, so after the successful payment it will be available for download immediately.

Content of the Copy of Register document

The document includes the existing entries at the current date. (Deleted data is not included. For these historical data please order an Official copy of company records document!)

Copy of Register sample (hungarian language)

  • Structure of the document may differ per company.
  • This document is available in english and german too.

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